After a gap of 30 years I was eventually able to personally thank Ian Pollock for getting me to figure out just ‘...what kind of designer I was going to be’ when I attended the Private View of Brian Grimwood’s book launch exhibition in London, ‘The Man Who Changed the Look of British Illustration’.

Ian has published and illustrated numerous books - starting with Beware of the Cat in 1977, and has designed posters for the Royal Shakespeare Company. His work is often seen in magazines and  has appeared in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Penthouse, New Yorker, Talk, Esquire, GQ, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Elle, Country Life, Radio Times, New Scientist, Creative Review, Design Week, Stern, Sunday Times, Independent, Guardian, Observer, the Financial Times, and Daily Telegraph amongst others.

Ian was just one of a group of great designers and Illustrators who guided and nurtured me as a creative young gun. George Hardie, Bush Holyhead, Connie Jude, Brian Grimwood...and many more, all became my friends and mentors.

One Friday afternoon, back in the day, Ian spent over 2 hours looking at my work and getting my to focus on deciding which career direction I should take. I was given a scheme of work to follow and in 4 weeks I had put together an entirely new Folio. I was going to be an Illustrator. 

I will always be grateful for those 2 hours. 

Illustration :  ‘Save the Pig from Stress‘ IPC Magazine
Selected - Best of British Illustration Annual, 1980/81
Watercolour 1979.

January 26, 2013 at 14:14PM