Berlin has lots of great Flea markets where you can spend 100's of Euro, and hours, looking through fantastic items that have been brought back from the Russian front or DDR badges, Metal street signs, Posters, Books and 1960's furniture. 

On a bright Sunday morning in the Mitte district I spent several hours at what was the best of the 3 that I visited. If I had a truck I would have bought the lot and driven back home to the UK. As it happened I bought a children's book published in East Berlin in 1958 called, Klapperzahns Wunderelf, Illustrated by Werner Klemke.

Klemke was born in Berlin in 1917. He was a self-taught artist, and was drawing animation between 1937 and 1939. After World War II, he became a contributor to satiric DDR magazine Eulenspiegel.

The Illustrations are wonderfully weird and have are attractively odd quality about them, which was the reason for the purchase.

Enjoy this sample of his work...