This long overdue post respects the life, person and work of the great Ronald Searle. 

In a time when the word ‘Hero’ is used to describe anyone at the drop of a hat, Ronald Searle can truly be thought of as a Hero. A career which started at age 15, the father of the St Trinians girls, prisoner in a Japanese war camp in 1942 and commissioned by Life magazine in 1961 to draw and record the war crime trial of Adolf Eichmann.

The posted image is an unusual choice, a light and fluffy sketch from a book that was first published in 1994, [Marquis de Sade meets Goody Two-Shoes] The picture title ‘Mr Sherman meets Mr Ford’

His life was unbelievable in every context. I could not recount it and do it justice here. Enough to say that he is a Hero of mine. 

Ronald Searle passed away aged 91, 30th December 2011