I was honoured to be invited to write a festive piece for Illustration magazine a few weeks ago, reflecting on the task of designing a Christmas card. It was a pleasure to do and I hope that my copy and images will prove to be a pleasant read. 

Importantly the work in the issue is an outstanding collection of Illustration which I was astonished and thrilled to see. Brian Grimwood talks about a 40 year career in Illustration with lavish pictures and images. Ronald Searle talks about his work. To me he is truly heroic both in life and in his genius, students of design should research his biography as well as his archive of rawings and creations. There is also a wonderful 7 page article about the work of the poster designer Edward McKnight Kauffer.Stunning iconic images from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

The issue is packed with fantastic material and I recommend anyone who enjoys illustration and design to get a copy. It is both informative and entertaining in equal measure and is one of the best magazines of its kind that I have seen in a long time.

The winter issue is on sale now but only in a few outlets: 
The British Library, Bank Side, The Cartoon Museum, 
Tate Britain...are just a few. Get a copy, I know you wont regret it.